Modem Configuration

Quick setup for Internet access
To add a second modem to the Internet connection
To edit an existing connection and system information
Diagnostic tests and firmware upgrade procedures
Current WebRamp 200i Activity
WebRamp 200i setup page
Configure internal modem 1.

Modem Country Code:

Note: Make sure modem 1 is not in use before you apply the following settings.

Select the speaker volume level.

Select the dial mode.

Modem Initialization String:

Note: The default initialization string is AT&F&W&W1E0X4W2.
If Event Log (in Diagnostics) shows "No Dialtone" on modem 1, then add X1 to the end of modem initialization string and make sure that phone line is connected to the modem.

Select the data call bumping option.
You can give preference to outgoing voice calls over the data calls. Doing this causes a data call to be interrupted when someone tries to use an attached phone.
Give preference to outgoing voice calls

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