WebRamp 200i Status

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To add a second modem to the Internet connection
To edit an existing connection and system information
Diagnostic tests and firmware upgrade procedures
Current WebRamp 200i Activity
WebRamp 200i setup page
Current modem status:
  Modem 1 Modem 2
Connection Name: - -
Connected: No No
Modem Uptime (minutes:seconds): 0: 0 0: 0
Speed (bits per second): - -
Local WAN IP Address: - -
Remote WAN IP Address: - -

WebRamp 200i version:
Version 1.5.0    (Domestic [USA])
MAC Address: 00.a0.2a.02.c2.9f

Modem firmware version:
  Modem 1
Country: United States
Firmware Version: V2.210-V90_2M_DLS

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