Toad Hall Ancient

Long, long, long ago I worked in the realm of Tech Support…. take a look over at the links for “Toad Hall Ancient” (it’s a reference to the very first ISP, many, many years ago)

While I tend to think that most everything over there is old and outdated, the sad fact is that there are a number (4, maybe 5) of people out there still running Windows 2000, 98, or CP/M. The screenshot project (which isn’t my work, aside from a couple small additions), provides a good visual layout of these OS GUI’s.

Still have a Dialup modem? There’s init strings over there somewhere too.

I’m sure something over there is of interest to someone. Enjoy.

Site Launch…

After years of scouring for answers to various things, and not contributing anything back… we now have BrainDeadProjects.

In the near future, I’ll be contributing various finds from my many ongoing projects. At the moment, I’m actively working with RTL8186 boards, building a Sebek/Argos/UML/homebrew web-based honeypot monitoring system, completely destroying my home plumbing, and rewriting a corporate website.