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In November of 2015 (two months after my last post to this site), I opted to leave the Internet Service Provider world and attempt something new – the world of Enterprise Networking.

Who needs Visio?

Moving away from a Linux based world was an interesting prospect, but one I often looked down upon.  Seriously, the network tools available to a Linux user are more powerful than anything I’ve seen in Windows. My last ten years were spent helping to build a Pennsylvania ISP full of Linux systems that I engineered, virtualized,  built, improved upon, rebuilt and troubleshot. I had my hands in everything:  Services from email, ftp, radius, numerous webservices, etc, etc. It was a great learning environment and I had the opportunity to work and learn from some impressive people. So while I was hesitant to move on to the world dominated by Microsoft,  in time I eventually I grew a strong appreciation for the companies products.

In the 3 years since I’ve moved on I’ve certainly kept busy. I now have access to more advanced Cisco, Fortinet, and Citrix equipment,  a fascinating VSAT network at my fingertips, and a network more focuesd on high-availability. The first couple of years were a fun series of regular network events to keep myself busy most hours of the day.  At one point I started thinking I would have some form of PTSD if I that pace changed. I pride myself in being able to make solid troubleshooting decisions at 2am with no sleep.

I’ve been so busy, I’ve not posted to in that entire time.

I created this site as a way to contribute back to a community of online websites, blogs, IRC channels, and mailing lists that helped me learn along the way. A Saturday morning dream about building my own blog and naming it in homage to David Letterman’s “Stupid Pet Tricks” became a weekend project and thus “”.

Yup, I just needed a name for a website and it had to be stupid.

I only had time to document a handul of my projects, but I’m happy to share the ones that I have.

The site’s been offline for a couple of months while I handle other items, but I’ve got new articles in the works, more information to share, and I finally moved the site to my personal KVM cluster. is back online.

A Place For Low Grade Evil

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