Not much has happened project-wise in the last few weeks. Any free time I’ve had has gone to updating the wireless firmware to capture MAC addresses and pass them off to an Elgg plugin I’ve written. I’m still waiting on a box of 10 Servo’s from China to continue my RC Car modification project.

I’ve also got plenty of work to do around the house until May.

But now, after almost 4 years, I’ve decided it’s time to spruce up  I’m retiring the  glowing brains that have been the personification of BrainDeadProjects for these past few years. Sure, remnants will probably remain (the favicon for instance)… but now let me introduce you to “Tin Can Head“:

Tin Can Head is the work of Give them your idea, and for a modest amount  (under $60), they’ll propose a few design ideas for you. Turnaround is fast, gave them a good grade, and overall I have to say that I’m pretty satisfied.

More project updates soon, in the meantime stare at the glowing brains of Tin Can Head.

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